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RO Antiscalant Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers in Pune and Aurangabad

Esha enterprises are most leading manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and traders of RO Antiscalant Chemical in Pune as well as Aurangabad, Maharashtra. We are offering a wide range of RO antiscalant chemicals with different specifications to various water treatment plants and industries. Owing to its features like durability, high performance and costs effectiveness, it is highly demanded all over the global market.

Why RO Antiscalant Chemical is necessary?

RO Antiscalant Chemical can effectively control scales like calcium carbonate, silica, barium or strontium sulphate that are accommodated on the RO membrane that can cause pores to plug. These scales or fouling are formed due to concentrated water streams. An antiscalant is an effective pretreatment process used on RO membrane to prevent it from scaling or fouling.

Features & Benefits

  • Can process poor quality feed water at a high recovery rate.
  • Ideal for a variety of RO membranes
  • Maintain membrane of water system clean and safe.
  • Reduced scaling particles
  • Requires low maintenance that reduced operating costs.

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